Order a Custom Made Hawk Trap

This sturdy BC Trap (Bal-Chatri Noose trap) will last you a long time for all your trapping needs. Weighted to be thrown easily at about 3 lbs and has over 30 snares to ensure a safe and easy capture.

A BC Hawk Trap in Action

Using the Hawk Trap, you will see how easy a hawk is entangled in the small snares and how easy it is to release the hawk.  Tommy’s traps are designed for ease of use and safety for the bird.

To attract the Raptor, you can use mice, gerbils, sparrows, etc.   They are safe within the cage and are not harmed.

Tommy’s BC Traps work!

Check out the successful trapping story (April 2011, Hawk Chalk – “Finding a needle in a haystack” by Alan Pope).  Where this trap recovered a Red Tail that was lost at the NAFA meet in Dodge City, KS.  It’s a very nice story with a very nice ending.  Also, be sure to ask anyone about the quality and workmanship of these traps as they are all hand made to order.

Order your Hawk Trap Today!

# Description Price
1 Custom Handmade Hawk Trap (Made in the USA) $95.00
2 Shipping (Domestic USA, outside USA may be more at checkout) $17.50
Order The Original Hawk Trap Custom Handmade Hawk Trap (Made in the USA) @ $95.00

Be sure to read the testimonials and news about using Tommy’s custom made BC Hawk Traps.

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